KL 9th June 2018

In June 2018, Malaysian Gospel Music (MGM) released a third compilation album "UNITED" featuring 14 Malaysian songs in English, BM, Mandarin and Tamil. To celebrate the release of this album, MGM hosted a 3 hour concert on 9 June 2018 at Collective KL featuring major artistes such as Patrick Leong, Carmen Sarah Chung, Melanie Pa, Prince John & The MIGAW Band, Abundant Music, CrossXroad, Elaine Teo, Paul Ch'ng, Rhemedy Anthony, Joe Loy, HIS Music Feast, FGACYC, Semoa Orang Asli Dance Troupe, Simon Fernandez, Paul Pony, William Patrick, Kumarathevan, DUMC BM Church, One Accord from Every Nation Church Malaysia, Harvest Christian Assembly, and Grace PJ Assembly. On the concert night, we also presented recognition awards to those who contributed to Mandarin and Tamil Gospel Music in Malaysia.

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KL 1st Dec 2013

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KL 27th Nov 2011

This was the 1st ever gathering of Malaysian artistes and songwriters from all over Peninsular Malaysia. Together with a crowd of over 15OO Christians, we worshipped the LORD our God with songs written by our very own. It was a night of many firsts: the launch of our very 1st compilation worship album; the very first time awards and recognition were given to those who have labored and contributed to this industry, some for over 30 years. 


MGM wishes to thank all who have made this event a success...from the volunteers who served tirelessly behind the scenes, to the artistes, singers and musicians who gave their best, to the crowd who came to support, but most of all, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who made it all possible. To Him belong all the praise!

List of MGM Awards and Recognition 


Life Time Achievement Award

HT Long, KB Chan, Aris Siew, Geoffrey Woo, GT Lim

Award for a Band/Group that made a significant impact

SAND, 1AM, Altered Frequency, Impressions

Award for composing the most Impactful Song

Ng Wah Lok and Voon Yuen Woh  for "Every Time I Pray"

Award for the best Male and Female solo Artiste which made a significant impact in English and Mandarin 

Patrick Leong (English Male)

Juwita Suwito (English Female)

GT Lim (Mandarin Male)

Chen Sing (Mandarin Female)

Award for making a significant breakthrough 

in Gospel Music in Malaysia



Esther Mui - for establishing Malaysian Christian Songwriters Network website and internet radio which promotes and  Gospel Music.


Recording label

Patrick Leong – for establishing a Christian recording label Oops! Asia which produced high quality Christian albums.


Breakthrough into international markets

Lucy Loo -  for establishing SAND and getting Malaysian songs in UK albums and reaching international markets.


Marketing/National Songwriting Competition

Amelia Tan – for establishing Starmaker and organizing Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competitions. In the process, Starmaker discovered new Malaysian talents and recorded their music.

 Award for Producers  who made a significant contribution 

to Gospel Music in Malaysia

Nick Lee, Timothy Lee, Aubrey Suwito, Patrick Leong, Lucy Loo,

Award for Arrangers who made a significant contribution 

to Gospel Music in Malaysia

Andrew Tan, Steve Leong, James Yee, Timothy Lee, 

Clement Siow, Charles Wong, Aubrey Suwito, Nick Lee.

The Program

Time : 7.00 pm – 10.15 pm


MC – Ng Wah Lok and Lucy Loo

  1. Welcome by Nicholas Wu

  2. Worship with Esther Mui, Raymond Tan and Good Shepherd Band

  3. Video of History of Malaysian Gospel Music – by Ng Wah Lok and Garrett Ng

  4. Solo artiste - Tabitha Kong sings her composition “Forever Yours” with the Good Shepherd Band5

  5. Gabby Tham sings her composition “You are the reason” with the Good Shepherd Band

  6. Life time achievement Award – 5 persons (presented by Pastor Sam Ang)

  7. HT Long (Malaysian Elvis) sings “He touched me”

  8. KB Chan sings his own composition “The New Season”

  9. Band 1AM sings their composition  “Pour Out” and “My Father”

  10. Recognition of band or group that made a significant impact and contribution (presented by Pastor Kenneth Chin)

  11. Elena Koshy sings Arise (written by Catherine Wong)

  12. Julia Pong sings “Melody Cinta”  (written by Jenny Liew)

  13. Band – Joe Loy and the Warehouse Project sings “Alive”

  14. Recognition of the most impactful song – Every Time I Pray(presented by Pastor Alan Tan)

  15. Josh Yeoh sings “Every Time I Pray” written by Ng Wah Lok and Voon Yuen Woh

  16. Group – SAND sings “In This Land” composed by Jeremy Ng

  17. Kelvyn Yeang plays his composition “March for our Saviour” on lead guitar

  18. Award for the most impactful male and female artiste -English and Mandarin (presented by Pastor Nicholas Wu)

  19. Patrick Leong sings his composition “Inseparable”

  20. Matilda Radge sings “Be Thou My Vision”

  21. Band Free to Fall sings their composition “The Wait”

  22. Award for Producers and Arrangers who made a significant impact and contribution (presented by Pastor Aris Siew and Ps Voon Yuen Woh)

  23. Worship with Esther Mui, Raymond Tan and the Good Shepherd Band

  24. Closing Prayer by Nicholas Wu