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Our Story

    Malaysian Gospel Music (MGM) was founded in 2011 with the goal of advancing and raising the standard of Gospel Music in Malaysia and to create a platform for Malaysian Christian artistes to make an impact in our churches, culture and community. MGM is also a fellowship of Christian artistes, musicians, songwriters, producers, gathering together to mutually encourage one another for the work of the ministry through the medium of worship and music. 


Through the years we have conducted and launched a number of events and projects in line with our vision such as concerts, workshops, showcases as well as producing our own albums. Since 2011, we've been organising concerts all across Malaysia to create a greater awareness of Malaysia gospel/christian music. In 2014, we launched our "School of Worship" with special guest Bob Fitts. SOW is designed to equip worship leaders and musicians from various churches in the area of worship, so that they can further influence the worship ministry and culture of their respective churches. We also produced our first ever album in 2011 and to date we have produced a total of 3 albums, consisting of all original songs written by Malaysian artistes. 


MGM is constantly adapting and evolving to ensure it stays relevant across generations. Watch this space! Stay tune for more exciting news! 

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Our Vision

To advance and raise the standard of Gospel Music in Malaysia and to create a platform for Malaysian Christian artistes to make an impact in our churches, culture and community.

Our Mission

a) To raise the standard of Gospel music in Malaysia by guiding and assisting local songwriters to write and record excellent songs that will have maximum impact locally and internationally.


b) To conduct workshops and seminars to teach and encourage local churches (worship leaders) to use the local songs in their worship services.


c) To host and organize the annual Malaysian Gospel Music Award to recognize and acknowledge local artistes, musicians and songwriters.


d) To showcase local talent through MGM-sponsored events such as the Gospel Music Award.


e) To produce compilation albums and songbooks of local songs and distribute them through appropriate avenues.


f) To market Malaysian Gospel songs and albums internationally.

Our Plans

a) Set up a MGM website to feature all local gospel music albums, song books, musical events etc. This website will provide important information for musical events.


b) Organize annual or bi-annual musical events.  This event will include local and foreign artistes.  The goal will be to show case local songs and bands.  It will also be a musical award night for artistes and albums.


c) Compile and produce albums of local songs and songbooks to showcase and promote the local artistes and their works to the churches and community.


d) Promote local artistes to churches and marketplace (locally and internationally) so that those who produce albums will have an avenue to market them. 


e) Encourage local pastors on the need to use local songs.


f) Conduct seminars so that local producers will produce good quality albums with good songs. The goal will be to reduce production of low quality albums.


g) Generate profits and obtain sponsors to promote local Gospel Music.