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MGM is guided by a steering committee which gives the overall guidance to the fellowship.



Nicholas Wu



Rev. Dr. Nicholas Wu is lead pastor at Mustard Seed Company in Petaling Jaya. He has been involved in the music and worship ministry since the 80s. He was instrumental in organizing 2 international worship conferences called ' Arise and Shine' in 1990 and 1992. His church recorded one of the earliest worship albums called "Passion Cry". He has served on various boards internationally which include The International Worship Symposium, USA and Soul Survivor, UK. His passion is to see worship 'rise' in Malaysia - in passion, in standard and in freshness.


Email: nicholaskpwu@gmail.com

Website: www.museedcom.blogspot.com

Ng Wah Lok

Rev. Ng Wah Lok is Pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle, Sri Damansara and Principal of Tung Ling Seminary since 1999. He is also a Director in the Malaysia Steel Works (KL) Berhad, a Public Company in the KLSE. 


He is an accomplished Gospel Songwriter, having written more 100 songs since 1981. He released 3 Gospel albums, “Every Time I Pray, “Shining Stars and “Messiah King. His signature song “Every Time I Pray” written in 1981 made a global impact and was recorded by other Mandarin Artistes in United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. One of his songs in the album “Messiah King”, entitled “Harvest of the Fields” co-written with Australian lyricist, Barbara Tipper,  won the Australian Gospel Awards 2004  for the Best Hymn. The album also contains a Portuguese recording of “Every Time I Pray”.


Wah Lok graduated with a Masters Degree in Engineering in 1988 from the University Malaya. He also holds a Master of Theology (University of Wales, Bangor). He began his career as an engineer in 1984 and later became a Senior General Manager of Malaysia Steel Works. In 1999, he left his secular job and took the step of faith to serve God full time.


In 2001, he established his website www.tabernaclemusic.net , dedicated to promote local Gospel Music and training those in the worship ministry. His website contributed to the growth of Gospel Music in Malaysia.  He has written numerous articles on music, worship, songwriting and the development of Gospel Music in Malaysia. He conducts music and worship seminars regularly.


Website: www.tabernaclemusic.net

Email: ngwahlok@gmail.com


Lucy Loo

Lucy Loo is a gifted song writer from Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang and the founder of SAND (Saved for A New Destiny). Originating from Penang, SAND is a ministry with a vision to raise a new generation of Christians who will use their gifts to serve God in music and creative arts.


In 2002, SAND released their debut album SAND- Sold Out. Lucy wrote all the songs and gathered young people from seven churches in Penang to participate in this album. In  2004, she released her second album entitled SAND-Dreams under her own recording label Masterpiece Music. Lucy wrote most of the songs in SAND-Dreams but also included 2 songs from other songwriters from Penang. Since then, SAND has released 4 other albums, Hope (2008), Only One Life Time (2009), Worship Forever (2010) and Safe Habour (2011). Several of their songs are now also featured in UK compilation albums, “Here I am to Worship 4” and “Heart of Worship 8,9 and 10” series. Their songs have certainly gone international.


Beside music albums, Lucy together with Raymond Tan has also released a series of song book entitled “Because of Love” for the piano. The song book title “Because of love” is the hit song by Lucy L in SAND- Sold Out album. This album caught the attention of Christopher Norton and with his help and musical arrangement, the first book was published in 2006. One of the songs “Only You” was chosen as an exam piece for ANSCAR 2007 exam syllabus in Australia. In August 2007, two more books were published under the same series. Recently 26 pieces have been chosen by St Cecilia School of music in Australia as their exam pieces from 2008 onwards.

Lucy L graduated from Trinity College of Music London(1989), majoring in classical piano and cello and has been teaching music for more than 12 years. She has also been writing Gospel songs for the last 10 years.


In 1999-2000, she went to Hill Song, Australia and Sydney Conservatory to further her music education. During these years, she participated in the live recording of two Hill Song albums. This was a major turn around to her style of music resulting in the release of her contemporary album SAND. Lucy has a great passion for the youth and desires to train a whole young generation to excel in creative ministry, especially in the realm of song writing and worship.


Website: www.masterpiecemusic.com.my

Email: nkalsl@yahoo.com


Esther Mui

Accomplished pianist and songwriter, Esther Mui, has written more than 100 songs over a period of 25 years. A daughter of a Methodist Pastor, Esther’s songs flow from her close walk with God. One can sense the anointing in her life just listening to her songs. Among her best worship songs include “Mary’s song”, “I Need You”, “Lord Have Mercy”, “Di Saat Ini”, “In Brokenness”, and “Lord, Move in the Place”. She has also composed fast and jazzy songs like “Kasih”, “Untuk Mu”, “Jehovah”, “You are the Reason”, “Dengan Sepenuh Hatiku” and others. The song “I Need You” was written when she was just 18 years old.


In 2006, she established one of Malaysia’s top worship website www.m-csn.blogspot.com (Malaysian Christian Songwriter’s Network). This website features Christian Songwriters in Malaysia and serves as a resource centre to help songwriters. MSCN has become the top gospel music website in Malaysia.


In 2010, she released her debut album The Songs of Ascents”, which is a rare word for word Scripture in Song. The album is a collection of 15 Psalms set to music word for word from the Holy Scripture. In her own words, Esther says, “From the start of the first psalm I worked on (which was Psalm 130) to the completion of the last one (Psalm 133), I have not ceased to be amazed, for the Lord has given me melody after melody to fit His Words. I believe this is because we, the church of Jesus Christ, are entering into a season when these psalms will become more and more relevant, as we look forward to our Lord’s return”.


In 2011, she surprised everyone again with her second Scripture in Songs album entitled “Songs of the New Covenant”. The album was birthed much from Esther’s reflection of the lessons she learnt from her house church. Beginning from December 2009, their church entered a season where Holy Spirit gave them a greater revelation of the grace of God in the New Covenant. Esther was able to put these lessons and appropriate scriptures into songs, word for word. This is an amazing feat, even for the best musicians. Her 3rd Scripture song album, "Songs of Salvation" was released in January 2012, followed by "Songs of Mercy" and "Songs of Joy" in 2013 and 2014 respectively. All of Esther's Scripture songs are available free for download on her website listed below.


Esther, a Life Science graduate and a mother of 2, left her career to be a full time homemaker in 1994. It is amazing that this homemaker has made such an important contribution to Malaysian Christian Music.


Websites: www.scripturesongsforworship.com www.m-csn.blogspot.com
Email: mcsn_05@yahoo.com or admin@m-csn.com


Patrick Leong

Patrick has been involved in the music industry since 1997, performing as a backing vocalist for major artistes in Malaysia such as Sheila Majid, Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Nigh Baizura, Ajai & Nurul, Mas Idayu, Liza Hanim, Syafinaz, Inuendo, Dato M. Daud Kilau, Nasyid Group Rabanni, Camelia, Erra Fazirra, Noraniza Idris, Dayang Nurfaizah & Amy Mastura.

Backing up for Dato Siti when she began her debut entry to the Malaysian music scene singing BISIKAN ASMARA on Juara lagu 1997. Teaming up with Malaysian Idol vocal coach Juwita Suwito, they teamed up for more backing vocal gigs such as Anugerah Industri Musik, Suria Merdeka Konsert, Asian Diva Concert backing up Sheila, Siti, Hetty Kosendang & Anita Sarawak.  He had also backed up for International Singers such as Wang Lee Hom for Taiwan, Hetty Kosendang and Kris Dayati of indonesia.

A significant breakthrough in his singing career occurred in 2002 when Patrick opened the late Pavarotti's Concert for the Asian Global Leadership Forum which was held on the 7th of September that year in Pangkor Laut.

March 2003 saw the formation of Oops! Asia as well as the release of his first debut album "For Your Love" following more in the future.

Patrick writes also from experiences of events and happenings in the world apart from praise and worship. The song "Open Arms" in his first album was a message of comfort to those who lost loved ones in the Bali terrorist attacks that occurred on 12th October 2002. The song is based on Psalm 73:23 which speak these words of comfort:  "Yet I am always with You; You hold me by my right hand"

In essence Patrick's music is inspired by people because we are all different in character & nature which is what makes life interesting. At the end of the day all, Patrick wants to give his best in the here & now; impacting lives through the songs that he writes. To be who God created him to be and to use his God-given gifts & talents to the fullest and at the end of it all to hear these words from his Maker: "Welcome home my good and faithful servant"

Patrick has produced 4 solo albums, "For Your Love" (2003),  "Unto You" (2006), "Elohim" (2008), and "Inseparable" (2012).

Besides his music Patrick is an avid tennis player and still coaches and play in his spare time.  Patrick currently works full-time at co-found and co-owner of Oops Asia Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Website: http://www.oops-asia.com

Email: oopsmalaysia@gmail.com



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