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This is MGM’s second album following the very successful English debut album ADORE. The goal for KASIH was to be a primarily Bahasa Malaysia album to encourage our BM speaking Christians to use our own local songs. The MGM team literally searched more than 100 released albums and the internet for suitable songs. Patrick Leong coordinated the overall production of the album. 4 songs are new recordings, namely Bapa Ku, Your Majesty, Terima Kasih Jesus and Bapa Kau Baik. The other 11 songs were sourced from other existing Malaysian albums. The album was launched at MGM Kuching on 17 August 2013 with 1000 people attending the concert at Blessed Church, Kuching. KASIH is an outstanding compilation album and many good reviews have already been given by listeners.

As with our 1st compilation album, we are giving a free copy of "KASIH" for every ticket purchased for MGM KL 2013. 




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